Dear well-meaning people in dog parks,

Please, for the love of doG, stop giving advice to other dog guardians that includes telling them to pin their dog on the ground after the dog has behaved in a way that concerns you.

What you have done with this advice is the following: 

  • put the person pinning the dog at risk for a serious bite
  • put nearby people and dogs at risk for a serious bite
  • caused long-lasting emotional trauma to the dog being pinned
  • made yourself *feel* good, but look very uneducated
  • created embarrassment, stress, and shame for the person

Don't believe me?

Ask the dog who mauled me in 2009 because I pinned him.

Ask the many clients who have had to undergo reconstructive surgery because they pinned their dog.

Alpha rolling is NOT an acceptable human behaviour and it is no less inappropriate and damaging than alpha rolling a 3 year old child in the middle of a daycare.

I appreciate the business your well-meaning but dangerous advice brings me, but I would much rather see SAFE advice coming from people who have not studied animal behaviour and psychology.

What can you do when you see a dog behaving inappropriately in a dog park?

  • commiserate with them because we've all had *that* dog
  • ask them to retrieve their dog and take a break by going for a leashed walk
  • remove YOUR dog and recommend to others to do the same
  • hand them one of our business cards and let them know that behaviour change CAN happen but it's best to seek professional advice
  • avoid judgement, emotion, and conflict as best as you can - it's very frustrating to have a dog behave in a way that makes others uncomfortable

Thank you in advance.


An Actual Certified Professional Animal Trainer Who Has Studied Animal Behaviour And Psychology And Truly Understands Behavioural Science As Opposed to Dog Whispering Myths and Silliness.