What if you could start teaching your dog how to walk calmly past triggers today...and see results without using punishment?

Are you tired of the judgemental looks on the street when your dog makes an embarrassing display at the end of the leash?

Let me help you get your dog from barking & lunging to calm & collected.

Cranky Canine™ is a tried and true program for teaching dog guardians how to understand and modify their dog's reactive behaviour without all those outdated techniques that simply don't work. 

This program will you a clear and effective roadmap to resolving your dog's reactions to triggers and you'll never be asked to be more alpha or do anything to compromise your relationship or safety. 

Are you ready to take the next steps?

More than 2500 graduates and counting, since 2011!



Through the Cranky Canine program, I learned to understand my dog's leash reactivity issues and what I can do to manage his environment as I help him to change his emotional response and behaviour around triggers.

Caryn explained the science and strategies in ways that made sense. She understands what dogs and their guardians are going through on an emotional level and gives us the tools and hope for change.

But here's the thing. 

We are all burned out on Zoom and online courses.

We're living through a recession and things are tough. 

Many have pandemic puppies who are now adult dogs in need of some social skills.

(Good) reactive dog training is hard to find and there's a lot of conflicting advice. 

This has to be accessible and affordable. 

That's why I'm offering this program at an incredibly affordable rate.

I truly want to help you and your dog live a happier life together.



You are so knowledgeable and have so much experience! Any question that was asked you had an answer and an explanation and it made so much more sense!

The psychology behind it all made it easier to understand why I was doing what I was doing and helped me think through how to react if things didn't go as planned.

The entire program was great! You're so personable and made me feel comfortable to ask my questions/share my experiences. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!!

By the end of this program, you'll have mastered:


Understanding your dog and their reactive behaviour at a holistic level.


Creative ways to better manage your dog's environment and triggers.


Tools and equipment to set you and your dog up for success.


Leash handling and defensive handling for tight situations.


Why corrections don't work in the long run and how to correctly use food in training.


The art of data tracking to address and reduce your dog's chronic stress.


How to help your dog disengage from triggers and refocus on you instead.


The science behind changing your dog's emotional response to triggers.


Teaching your dog a few handy tricks to replace barking and lunging. 


How to help your dog recover from stressors and build resilience.


Empowering scripts for interactions with family, friends, pet pros, and the public.


The confidence to walk your dog safely and much more peacefully!



The Cranky Canine Program was an absolute necessity for me and my cranky adopted dog, Sienna. The most important things the course did for us were that it helped me build my bond with my dog, it taught me how better read her body language, and assured me that I wasn't alone. 

While Sienna has changed dramatically and is much more manageable now, there is always something to work on and we have stayed on as members so that we can keep up with our learning and take advantage of all the excellent modules, and the updates that they continue to make to the modules!

Mostly I'm just happy to know that she is clearly a happier pup than the stressed out girl that arrived at my home in Aug 2020. Would wholeheartedly recommend Liefdog to all dog owners. 

Join now and get the full Cranky Canine course, PLUS...


Reactivity isn't something that can be fixed overnight and there will be ups and downs as you learn and practice your new skills. You need support and I'm here for it. When you purchase Cranky Canine, you'll get 12 months of our incredible community so that you can get questions answered as you progress. This includes regular Q&A sessions, guest mentors, interviews, a private podcast, and more! Our members are super welcoming and supportive! 

A woman wearing a white tank top sits on a blue couch, holding a cup of coffee. She has a laptop on her lap and a Frenchie curled up next to her.


Our Canine Foundations Bundle is what everyone with a dog needs in their back pocket! This bundle includes five mini courses: Body Language & Communication, Dogs 101, How Dogs Learn, Marker-Based Training, and Creating Food Motivation. These are the perfect supporting courses for Cranky Canine!

A brown bully-breed type dog resting his chin on a stack of books. A vase of pink flowers sits beside them.


Pulling on leash can be both frustrating and dangerous, especially, if you have a large or strong breed of dog. Furthermore, pulling on leash can lead to frustration and/or reactivity in your dog. Let's create some good habits on leash!

A person wearing jeans and sneakers is walking a Jack Russell Terrier along a street.


Muzzle training is often associated with bad feelings – “the dog must be aggressive”, people might think. However, muzzles help keep dogs safe! Teach your dog to wear theirs, comfortably, so that you can both feel more secure in tricky situations. 

A long-haired black and tan dog is in a field, wearing a black basket muzzle. The dog looks relaxed and happy.


Interviews with a Veterinary Behaviourist, a Compassion Fatigue Educator, articles and studies to back up our science-based / evidence-based program, and more! 

Two small, leashed dogs are greeting on a street. One is snarling and lunging at the other, being held back by the woman holding his leash.


Yep. You read that right. You get our entire library of courses. That includes courses like Happy Home Alone, The First Year, Adolescents Anonymous, Polite Walking, Really Reliable Recall, and so many more! This means you can have a plethora of dog training help at your fingertips - not just reactivity-related!
The best part? We just keep adding to the library. All. The. Time.

A black lab puppy stands outside, on leash, looking up at a man wearing jeans, holding the leash.

That's a total value of more than $1,500!



  • Cranky Canine online course with video tutorials & worksheets

  • Resources and interviews to help support your learning

  • Access to materials for 1 year 

  • All the incredible goodies above


But don't I need in-person lessons or classes?

You might think that you need a trainer to be there with you, live in the flesh, but I promise you, you don't.

Cranky Canine gives you a clear and effective roadmap to resolving your dog's reactivity to triggers just as effectively as our in-person classes have done for many years.

I don't need to see how your dog reacts to triggers. (In fact, even if we were working together in person, I wouldn't want to provoke that stressful response.) I know what it looks like. 

If you were having an anaphylactic reaction to nuts, would your Physician need to trigger that response in order to help you? I should hope not.

This is how it looks when you work with a Professional. It comes from well over a decade of specialising in reactivity and aggression in dogs and from having my own reactive dogs.

I know exactly what you need and how I can help you.

More than anything, you need support and results

If you've been dealing with reactivity for a little while now and you've tried a few things, you'll know that there is no quick fix. 

Most people see positive results in the first week of training just by implementing a couple early strategies. 

Behaviour change takes time. 

This is not a 7-minute workout video that promises life-altering results. 

This is a foundational program that provides education, resources, and support. 

While some people might meet their goal early on, others might find that they've only just begun. It depends on many factors, like the dog's history, the environment, genetics, health, the consistency of the humans who are doing the work, and the list goes on. 

This is why no trainer can ever offer a guarantee. It's the same reason therapists cannot offer a guarantee.