You love your dog but you’re struggling to train them in a way that's efficient and effective. It feels overwhelming and frustrating. You adopted a dog to enjoy each other's company and right now it's not feeling as enjoyable as it could.

Walks feel chaotic and even embarrassing, leaving them alone results in complaints from the neighbours, having visitors over is damaging your pride, and doG forbid you leave a crumb of food on the counter...Fido loves to surf! 

Go from a place of overwhelm and anxiety, to a place of confidence and enjoyment!

Whether you have a brand new puppy, a new mystery-history rescue, or a spicy adult dog who needs a couple tweaks, you’ll find what you’re looking for here at Liefdog.

You can get science-based guidance from a qualified professional AND feel supported while connecting with other like-minded guardians who are navigating the same challenges with their dogs.

I can help you by meeting you exactly where you are.

In-Person Appointments

We offer in-person behaviour appointments for dogs of all ages.

Appointments are available at Oakpark Pet Hospital in Oakville, Ontario. 

$125+HST for 45min

If Oakville is not a convenient location to you, please tell your veterinarian about our in-clinic service and ask them to contact us today! 

Private Virtual Coaching

Book a private virtual coaching call via Zoom with Caryn Liles. 

Sessions are recorded at your request and may include followup notes and resources via email. 

$125 for 45min

Online Membership

Imagine finding your dog-raising village.

Stop imagining and start experiencing.

Join The Neighbourhood.

LiefDog is a supportive and non-judgemental network of like-minded people who face the same challenges.

Get the tools, accountability and support you need to build an unbreakable bond with your dog, modify troublesome behaviour, and enjoy life together.

$249 for 12 months

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We are honestly blown away by how wonderful the virtual training has been. We've recommended Liefdog to the rescue we work with, as well as several friends who are interested in getting dogs.

We appreciate how there are always updates and additions. I was worried an online program would just have a set amount of information online and nothing more. We can't believe how often new content is added.

We also love Caryn! She has a great personality. It's so refreshing to work with someone who is so knowledgeable, confident and non-judgemental. You can tell right away she has a passion for dogs, and also has the knowledge and experience to help you and your dog live your best lives together.

I have been working with Caryn and Liefdog for almost a year now and she has changed my and my pup's life! I had never had a dog before and had used 3-4 trainers before finding Caryn. I was not getting the results I was looking for.

Since working with Caryn, I have a dog that will now walk with a loose leash, can comfortably pass pedestrians on the sidewalk as well as bicycles, scooters, motorcycles, and more!

We have the training tools needed for continuous training and being a member of Liefdog provides me access to ask Caryn questions whenever I need to. I 100% recommend Liefdog for training methods based on what is best for your dog, physically, mentally, and emotionally.