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The Liefdog Membership

The Neighbourhood is where it's at! Join us for tons of courses, live Q&As, access to an incredible group of dog-guardians in the community, support from a trainer, a library of replays from past live events, guest mentors, downloadables, resources, and more!

FREE 3-day trial and then cancel or renew at $29/mo or upgrade to our annual plan to save more!

Your guide to proper puppy socialisation: two husky puppies are playing happily in the grass. The TCCE logo is in the bottom right and a thin red line creates a border.

Your Guide to Proper Puppy Socialisation

Let’s build your puppy’s emotional immune system by socialising them PROPERLY.
Download this FREE Puppy Socialisation eGuide and get your puppy started off on the right paw.

Free 3-part Cranky Canine video training series

The Top 3 Reasons Why What You're Doing Is Not Working For Your Reactive Dog.

Join me for a 3-part video series to get valuable insights and learn effective strategies .

A brown and cream dog with a dark muzzle is barking behind a shaded window pane.

Assess your dog for home-alone issues

Not sure if your dog is truly struggling with home-alone issues? I've got you covered. Take this in-depth assessment and let's figure it out so you can get a game plan, stat! You deserve your freedom and your dog deserves peace. Let's do this!

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