What if you could get your freedom back?

Stop with the gimmicks. Resolve your dog's separation anxiety so you can get your life back.

The Happy Home Alone™ program is the most comprehensive online program for people whose dogs are suffering from home-alone distress.

Let a Certified Separation Anxiety Trainer (CSAT) show you exactly how to help your dog relax when you leave them alone — without gimmicks like stuffed food toys, anxiety wraps, or aversive tools and techniques. 

More than 1100 graduates and counting, since 2014!

Steve & Christa


Harry is doing fantastic and perhaps as happy as we've ever seen him. In July we moved, which was marginally traumatic for him, but he quickly adapted, and is now loving life. He really is back to his old self, and his anxiety issues almost seem like a distant memory.

As you know, when those issues were occurring, both of our lives were completely consumed by them, so it is a drastic change to go from that, to it being almost a non-issue.

Thank you so much for your help in getting us all to this place! You're literally a life-saver - for both us and Harry! 

But here's the thing. 

We are all burned out on Zoom and online courses.

We're living through a recession and things are tough. 

Many have pandemic puppies who are now adult dogs who haven't learned to relax when home alone.

Separation Anxiety is a difficult panic disorder and there's a lot of conflicting advice. 

This has to be accessible and affordable. 

That's why I'm offering this program at an incredibly affordable rate.

I truly want to help you and your dog live a happier life together. And separately.



Caryn's gentle and wise approach to providing practical advice and support in training our puppy has been invaluable. She's always in your corner championing your successes as well as comforting your difficulties.

We cannot express how genuinely lovely the experience she has crafted has been for her clients. Her support has been nothing short of spectacular.

Are you starting to feel like a prisoner in your own home?

Is your dog destroying your home and furnishings, causing noise complaints with endless barking, and impossible to crate?

You’ve been suffering alongside your dog long enough — let's talk.

Get your freedom back and teach your dog that you're always going to come home for them.

Separation anxiety may be a complex beast that tests your patience (and your neighbours'!) and denies you your freedom, but it doesn't have to be that way.

Let's play a game. One point for each of the ones that you've tried:

Anxiety wraps

Natural remedies / CBD

Crating your dog

Waiting for quiet before returning

Stuffed food toys


Teaching a down-stay

Hollering at them in the camera

Sneaking out

Anti-bark devices

Withholding food

Ignoring them when you come home

Classical music

Spray or shock collars

Being "alpha"

Leaving for longer and longer absences

How many points did you rack up?

You've scoured the internet for advice, talked to family, friends, and other dog-lovers. 

The advice you've been given sounded promising but so far, nothing has worked.

You're debating hiring a trainer or behaviourist to come in and help you fix this once and for all.

You need immediate relief and long-term results.

There is help. I promise!



When I signed up for Caryn's course 'Happy Home Alone' I was very skeptical that it would work considering how severe our dog's separation anxiety was. We were at a point where we couldn't leave the house for 5 seconds without our dog going into full on panic mode.

We are now up to 7 hours of him being home alone where he is able to settle himself. The course is very comprehensive and Caryn provides the tools and guidance you need to set yourself up for success.

This course has been completely life changing. My partner and I are now able to run errands and have a life outside the home while still feeling comfortable about leaving our dog alone. He went from howling and crying to now curling up in a ball and napping while we're gone. We are forever grateful ??❤️

Join now and get the full Happy Home Alone course, PLUS...


Separation Anxiety isn't something that can be fixed overnight and there will be ups and downs as you learn and help your dog cope. You need support and I'm here for it. When you purchase Happy Home Alone, you'll get 12 months of our incredible community so that you can get questions answered as you progress. This includes regular Q&A sessions, guest mentors, interviews, a private podcast, and more! Our members are super welcoming and supportive! 

A woman wearing a white tank top sits on a blue couch, holding a cup of coffee. She has a laptop on her lap and a Frenchie curled up next to her.


Our Canine Foundations Bundle is what everyone with a dog needs in their back pocket! This bundle includes five mini courses: Body Language & Communication, Dogs 101, How Dogs Learn, Marker-Based Training, and Creating Food Motivation. These are the perfect mini-courses to support your learning!

A brown bully-breed type dog resting his chin on a stack of books. A vase of pink flowers sits beside them.


You might imagine that relaxation comes naturally to dogs, but it's not true! Just like some people are more high-strung and have a hard time chilling out, some dogs are the same! It's a skill like any other, so let's build it!

An older red-ish dog is sleeping in a light green hammock.


Interviews with a Veterinary Behaviourist, an interview with the world-renowned Separation Anxiety pioneer, Malena Demartini, articles and studies to back up our science-based / evidence-based program, and more! 

A small, white dog wearing black glasses looking over a book.


Yep. You read that right. You get our entire library of courses. That includes courses like Cranky Canine, The First Year, Adolescents Anonymous, Polite Walking, Really Reliable Recall, and so many more! This means you can have a plethora of dog training help at your fingertips - not just separation-related!

The best part? We just keep adding to the library. All. The. Time. 

A black lab puppy stands outside, on leash, looking up at a man wearing jeans, holding the leash.

That's a total value of over $1,500!



  • Happy Home Alone online course with video tutorials & worksheets

  • Resources and interviews to help support your learning

  • Access to everything for 1 year 

  • All the incredible goodies above


Program Requirements

I'm not going to pretend that this program is for everyone!

There are a few things you'll need if you want to achieve your goals with this program. 

You don't need to be a tech whiz, but you do need some of the basics.

A camera-enabled computer, tablet, or smartphone

You'll need eyes on your dog and that means a computer with a camera, a tablet, or an extra smartphone that you can leave set up on wifi. If you have a Furbo, Nestcam, Wyzecam or other video/audio recording device, perfect! 

Wifi and a data plan on your smartphone

You'll need connectivity on the go as you get closer and closer to your goal of leaving your dog alone. This is how you'll monitor your dog when they're home alone!

An open mind

Separation Anxiety is a complex beast so we have to get creative. I've worked with hundreds of cases and have seen it all. I've also lived it, so I've had to get creative for myself too. Have an open mind when you join and work with me! 

Wait a Second...

But don't I need in-person lessons or classes?

No! And here's why: I can't assess your dog's separation anxiety by sitting in your living room. But I can teach YOU to assess your dog's separation anxiety from outside your home. You can do more, virtually, without having an in-home visit where we cannot observe your dog during an absence. 

So you don't need to see the behaviour in-person?

No. Absolutely not. How would we? Home alone issues happen when dogs are...home alone. This is where technology is our greatest asset.

Modifying this complex behaviour challenge is best done virtually where you monitor your dog via live video-feed and having a solid plan so you know when to come back and how to increase the duration without distress!

I don't need to pay more to have someone come to my home so that they can see...less?

Your Certified Separation Anxiety Trainer can provide you with a step-by-step plan, and a monthly Q&A to work out any kinks. If you need additional support, you get discounted coaching throughout the program.

No crates, Kongs, distractions, manners-training, "dominance"-related silliness, or pricey gimmicks.

Just results.

Listen. I've been doing this a long time and one of my super-skills is listening to people, not just dogs.

I know what it's like to have a dog with severe isolation distress and feel anxious and embarrassed. I've had the eviction notices, the thousands of dollars in damage to my home, the wallet-draining gimmicky sales pitch, the desperate attempts with punishment-based tools, and the guilt.

I also know what it's like to feel inundated with advice from many different sources and struggle to know what is going to work and what is totally bogus and outdated.

My job is to save you time hunting and pecking for bits and pieces of information that may or may not work, to provide you with science-based information vs. pseudo-science.