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Imagine having the best puppy handbook in the format of on-demand training, searchable resources, bonuses to blow your socks off, and access to a qualified, certified Trainer...

... and all for less than $100

Look no further.

The First Year is our incredible puppy bundle with tons of courses with video tutorials & worksheets, resources and interviews to help support your learning, access to course materials for 1 year as your puppy grows, and...the best part? You get this huge bundle...

PLUS these incredible bonuses:

  • 12 months of Q&A sessions with me!!

  • Canine Foundations Bundle which includes five mini courses: Body Language & Communication, Dogs 101, How Dogs Learn, Marker-Based Training, and Creating Food Motivation

  • Adolescence Anonymous course to prepare you for what's to come between 6-18 months of age

  • Polite Walking course to get your puppy started off on the right paw when it comes to walking on leash 

  • Really Reliable Recall course to get your dog running back to you at top speed when you call

That's a total value of almost $1,000 for only $97!

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