A small, white dog wearing black glasses looking over a book.

There is so much information out there on raising a puppy right and let me tell you…so much of it is bogus! I’ve put together a list of recommended books that are specific to puppies, plus a few extras about dogs in general.

Here is a list of recommended books on puppies: 

  • The Puppy Whisperer - Paul Owens
  • Life Skills for Puppies - Daniel Mills & Helen Zulch
  • Perfect Puppy in 7 days - Dr Sophia Yin
  • Puppy Start Right - Kenneth Martin
    (CAVEAT: we disagree with the first two paragraphs on page 28 about fear periods. There is no scientific evidence of these. We also strongly disagree with the first 3 paragraphs on page 29 regarding comforting your puppy when they are frightened. Please DO comfort your dog if they are afraid. You will not reinforce fear as fear is an emotion, not a behaviour.)

Other books about dogs in general that are amazing:

Do you have a favourite dog-related book? Go ahead and tell me about it on Instagram and I’m happy to give it a read if I haven’t already!

Happy reading!! 

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